Much to the joy of those who study late antiquity, the Patrologia Graecae have been digitized by Google Books and While this is great, I have found it a bother when I need to copy and paste large portions of Greek text from Gregory of Nazianzus. For those who don’t have access to TLG, I know of no other solution other than wading through large files to find the selection of text. So, what I want to do is provide posts that have the Greek text in an easy to use format.


  1. These are based off of PG and not the updated critical editions published by Sources Chrétiennes, so I will provide links to the Sources Chrétiennes website.
  2. Because these texts are based off of the PG volumes, you’ll see numbers randomly inserted into the text (e.g., 35.379). These correspond to the volume and column number where the text is found. I have not checked any of them so I cannot vouch for their accuracy, but I will not remove them from the text because they are (if accurate) important reference numbers to have.
  3. I downloaded these from a site that no longer seems to exist, so, again, I can’t vouch for 100% accuracy (e.g., I have noticed a few places where unexpected spaces appear in the middle of words).
  4. For the dates, I am following the order in John McGuckin, Gregory of Nazianzus: An Intellectual Biography (Crestwood: St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 2001), vii–xi.