Hello! My name is Ryan Clevenger and I am a PhD candidate at Wheaton College working on a dissertation on Gregory of Nazianzus. I started this blog a while ago but had to cut back as I started doctoral research. I recently realized that I needed to make writing an important part of my research, so I’m making the blog public again. I hope to write short posts reflecting on my readings about late antique Christianity, philosophy, and rhetoric.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Would you be interested in telling your readers about the new collection of Early Church material assembled by Baker Academic and Logos? We might also be looking for reviewers when it is produced in its digital format (it’s available for pre-order now). Let me know!

  2. It’s a problem we can remedy. 🙂 Logos is free, only the books and base packages cost money. Can you shoot me an email so that I have your email address? You can reach me at jonathan.watson [at] logos [dotcom]

  3. Hi Ryan,

    I tried to contact you at your previous blog concerning your translation of the De Trinitate attributed to Didymus, and discovered your blog here. I am also working on Didymus research and would love to look at your work if it’s available anywhere. If you happen to see this, I’d love it if you could email me at zthedges@yahoo.com

    Thanks so much!
    Zachary Hedges

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