Thanks be to you, O king of all and maker of all.
The heavens are filled with your glory and all the earth
with your wisdom. God the Word, your Son, created all things.
Your Holy Spirit bestows life on all.
Divine Trinity, may you be gracious to the world. Hearken to us,
Son of God according to the spirit and Son of man according to the flesh,
who undertook to suffer death on the Cross,
as a mortal; but on the third day you quit the gates of Hades
as God. For having risen you loosed the bond of death,
and you conferred to the mortal race a nature by which we might
live all days, and sing to you, Immortal One, always.

Gregory of Nazianzus, “Thanksgiving” (Carmina I.1.33 [PG 37.514], translated by Brian Dunkle, S. J., St. Gregory of Nazianzus: Poems on Scripture [SVS Press, 2012], pp. 120–123).


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