For those who keep up with the History of Philosophy without Any Gaps podcast (and if you don’t, you should), Dr. Adamson officially finished out his series on Late Antiquity and will be moving on to the Medieval period. Here are the links to all of the episodes specifically devoted to the Early Church:

In addition, I recently stumbled upon a history of philosophy course from Wheaton by Dr. Arthur Holmes (81 lectures in all). So far, I’ve been very impressed. Unfortunately, you have to download each episode individually from Wheaton’s website (either audio or video), but on the bright side, all of the metadata imports into your media player so you don’t have to spend an hour or so editing the information.


4 thoughts on “Noteworthy Lectures (3.13.13)

  1. I’ve enjoyed Adamson’s podcast a great deal, but I didn’t know about the wheaton lectures. I’ve been looking for something to get me up to speed on the modern period, since Adamson hasn’t gotten that far yet. Thanks for the link!

    1. I hope you find them helpful. I’ve enjoyed them so far (I jumped ahead to Hegel), and have found Dr. Holmes to be an excellent lecturer. I wish I had a class like this in my undergrad!

    2. I should also add that I have found Charles Taylor particularly helpful for moving between the ancient and modern world. While I haven’t read his book, A Secular Age (I think I finished chapter one before I had to move on to other things), there are some lectures available where he summarizes the argument of that book that you may find helpful:

      1) A More Adequate Narrative of Western Secularization (
      2) Dishenchantment and Secularity (
      3) Master Narratives of Modernity (

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