Interpreting the Bible and Aristotle in Late Antiquity: the Alexandrian Commentary Tradition between Rome and Baghdad by Josef Lössl, John W. Watt (ed.) (Reviewed at BMCR)

 Virtues for the People: Aspects of Plutarchan Ethics. Plutarchea hypomnemata by Geert Roskam, Luc Van der Stockt (ed.) (Reviewed at BMCR)

Shaping the Middle East: Jews, Christians, and Muslims in an Age of Transition, 400-800 C.E. by Kenneth G. Holum, Hayim Lapin (Reviewed at BMCR)

The Emperor and Rome: Space, Representation, and Ritual by Björn C. Ewald, Carlos F. Noreňa (ed.) (Reviewed at BMCR)

Jesus the Temple by Nicholas Perrin (Reviewed at BMCR)

Polémiques entre païens et chrétiens. Histoire by Stéphane Ratti (Reviewed at BMCR)


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