Found out today that you can download Mark DelCogliano’s dissertation, Basil of Caesarea’s Anti-Eunomian Theory of Names, online for free instead of the $120 or so book published by Brill: (or, if you don’t want to bother going all the way over to Emory’s site, download directly from this link:


4 thoughts on “Mark DelCogliano’s Dissertation Online

  1. I just came across your blog today. What you say here is true, but note that the version published by Brill is a revision of the original dissertation. But of course you can still get the main gist of the argument from the dissertation. Given the price, most people I know have asked their library to purchase a copy.

    1. Thanks for commenting. I figured it would be brushed up for publication, but it’s a good place to start in absence of the finished product (I was particularly interested in the section on whether or not the Neoplatonic commentary tradition on Plato’s Cratylus had any influence on Eunomius [a suggestion first offered to me by my advisor who, I would guess, probably got it from Daniélou] and found it a helpful summary as I’m interested in some of the same topics, albeit for Gregory of Nazianzus).

  2. Mark Decogliano writing will discourage you from orthodox christianity. He does not even allow to the St Basil the Great to give his wisdom. He kept digesting everyting that Saint has to say. Self centered and self obssesed author. Do not read him.

    1. Melanie,

      Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog and commenting. That being said, your comment is completely inappropriate on two accounts: 1) You offer no actual evidence to support your assertion, which isn’t actually clearly stated in the first place. I gather that you dislike a) that he is reading Basil critically instead of just believing everything he says or b) that he comes to conclusions about Basil and what he thought with which you disagree; either way, you offered no evidence or argument to support either of these if they are indeed your point. 2) You call him “Self centered and self obsessed author.” Such accusations are completely inappropriate in this context because they a) lack Christian charity and verge on slander (mind you, you intended to post this in a public forum), b) are supported with no evidence whatsoever (unless your implied argument as I described above is your evidence, which, as it stands, still fails to support this conclusion) and c) you give me no evidence that you know Dr. DelCogliano personally which might give you a semblance of authority to make such an accusation based on your personal experience (at which point, we are back to slander and a lack of Christian charity). I am allowing your comment to be published so that you can either publicly retract it or publicly attempt to make a case with actual evidence. I want people to visit, read, and comment on my blog, but I will not tolerate comments such as yours.

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