John Cooper delivered the John Locke Lectures at Oxford this year on “Ancient Greek Philosophy as a Way of Life” examining four ancient philosophies: Socrates, Aristotelianism, Stoicism, and Platonism (mostly on Plotinus).

Lecture 1: Philosophy in Antiquity as a Way of Life (handout)
Lecture 2: Aristotle’s Philosophy as Two Ways of Life
Lecture 3: The Stoic Way of Life (handout)
Lecture 4: Platonism as a Way of Life (handout)

The last lecture was the most interesting for me as it has the most to bear on our understanding of the intellectual world within which Christianity swam from the 3rd-6th century.


3 thoughts on “Noteworthy Lectures (11.28.11)

  1. Greetings, Ryan.

    And now for something completely different: regarding your translation-work on De Trinitate: I don’t know if this was a casual project or something that you intend to publish someday. If you would like to share it, please send it to me, as I am interested in this text and the light it may shed on the sort of Gospels-text used by Didymus (or Pseudo-Didymus).

    Yours in Christ,

    James Snapp, Jr.
    Minister, Curtisville Christian Church
    Indiana (USA)

    1. James,

      My translation of Didymus has been put to the side for the moment, but it definitely is something I still want to work on in the future. I’ve only done a couple of chapters out of book 1 (chapters seven and eight, the manuscript is missing the first six chapters), but I’ll still send it to you to give you an idea of what the text is like.

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